About This Class

This class will provide the foundational skills for the most widely used e-mail services in businesses today. Learn how to send, receive, reply, and delete messages; dispose of junk mail; and send and open attachments. 




Upon completion of the training, students will be able to: 

  • Describe types of E-Mail Accounts 
  • Create and Change an E-Mail Account 
  • Open, Print, and Edit Messages 
  • Open and Save Attachments 
  • Reply, Forward, and Re-Send Mail 
  • Delete Messages 
  • Organize Messages 
  • Manage "junk" mail 
  • Use the Address Book 
  • Insert Attachments 
  • Send and open attachments 
  • Insert Hyperlinks 
  • Use the Drafts Folder 
  • Use Outlook’s Calendar 
  • Create a New Appointment 
  • Manage Appointment Options 
  • Customize How You View Your Calendar 
  • Create a Contact 
  • Create a Distribution Lists 
  • Understand Editing Tasks 
  • Customize How You View Tasks 
  • Create and Edit Notes 
  • Understand Note Options 
  • Set Journal Options 
  • Create and Edit a Journal Entry 
  • Customize Journal Views 
  • Understand the dangers of viruses 
  • Apply proper business e-mail behavior 
  • Apply proper business e-mail behavior 



  • Pre and post assessment for all classes and students taking part in this program. 
  • Assessment scores from the TABE, Best Literacy, Customer Service Inventory and the NJCCC PC Skills assessment instruments will be compiled. 
  • Understand, read and write English language 
  • Have basic computer knowledge  
  • Basic knowledge of video conference platforms 
  • Internet connection 
  • Laptop, Personal Computer, notebook 


Contact Information

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Jersey City, NJ 07306
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